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Ancient and New in Albatera Village

August 30th, 2015

The quaint little village of Albatera in Vega Baja region is situated in Alicante province. It may be small with only 9,000 residents who speak Spanish and a little Catalan but it has a lot of old and new sights of attraction to entice any tourist.

Albatera can be accessed through Alicante or Murcia airports.

Natural Beauties

There are some natural landscapes at Albatera; these include River Segura landscapes which overlook majestic Sierra de Crevillent mountain peaks. The pleasant Mediterranean climate makes it ideal for tourists to enjoy the idyllic village of Albatera anytime of the year.

Albatera is surrounded by much natural beauties. Wetlands, mountain peaks and vast plains abound all around Albatera. The municipal park that is called Park of Orchards is 30,000 square meters with lots of unique flora, walking routes and bicycle trails that would pass beautiful lakes, fountains and rivers.

Historical discoveries

Besides the well preserved natural landscapes, Albatera is also mindful of the historical beauties in its midst. Many artifacts were unearthed to confirm ancient civilizations that stretch back to the 3rd century B.C.

An evidence of this is the Romans’ irrigation channels and the Arabs’ architectural structures from the 5th century.

The Re-Conquista through Alfonso X made several developments to Albatera in the 13th century after re-conquering the village. The quaint village also boasts of a 1729 parochial church with a most elaborate Baroque styled stone doorway at the village plaza center as a dedication to apostle Santiago. An old casino still exists with the town hall at the same area.

Albatera became part of Alicante province in the year 1833 with a flourishing agriculture where the desired irrigation was supplied by River Segura. Pig farming was also another of Albatera’s booming industry in the past.

Modern developments

Today, more canals and modern irrigation channels are available to ensure a complete though intricate network of water supply for its crops. This encourages the flourishing agricultural industry of vegetables, lemons and dates.

Albatera is more beautiful today with well maintained palm trees along its streets of typical Andulusian whitewashed houses. Albatera has been updated with top quality golf courses at its golfing resort which also offers other sporting activities such as riding, shooting and tennis.

Modern schools with proper curriculum have been built in Albatera to cater to the growing and changing needs of its residents. Albatera is currently better equipped to handle the booming tourism industry although it does not forsake its traditional industries.

Off the Beaten Track in Ibiza

August 30th, 2015

The opening of Ibiza airport to commercial traffic in 1958 was a hugely significant milestone in the history of this small island in the Mediterranean. Its beautiful beaches and warm summer weather quickly started to lure travellers and tourism rapidly become the number one form of business on the island. It is now thought that over eighty percent of residents on the island rely on tourism, either directly or indirectly, for their work.

Developers quickly invested in new facilities for the island and for a few years a transformation spread to areas mainly across the centre of the island, namely Eivissa and San Antonio. Hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, transport infrastructure and leisure activity providers all started trading on Ibiza.

Fortunately the authorities had the foresight to closely control development activity and early on the capital city, Eivissa, was declared an historic Artistic and Historic monument giving it protection from over-development and anything out of character. Hence the capital and, in fact, most of the rest of the island, has retained much of its original charm. In fact many locations to the north and south of the prime tourist areas remain exactly as they were prior to the tourism wave.

The central region across the island between Eivissa and San Antonio is often as far as many tourists get during their holiday on the island, but visitors would be well advised to take an organised tour or arrange some transport themselves so that they can experience other parts of the island, that are well worth seeing.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to escape the busier beaches of San Antonio is to head south. There is a choice of either hugging the road by the sea and heading straight to Cala Tarida or taking a detour inland through some traditional villages. Sant Agusti des Vedra is one of those untouched hilltops villages that are scattered throughout the island, away from the main roads. A mile or two further on is the village of Sant Josep de sa Talaia, a bigger centre with a more modern hub which in fact serves as the administrative centre to the surrounding area. The main attraction of this area of Ibiza is the large number of small attractive coves and beaches, many of which provide safe bathing conditions for families with children. Being away from the major resort areas, beaches like these are never too busy. More notable spots include the attractive Moli Cove, which is south of Cala Tarida and is a beautiful sandy cove with just a few facilities to distract anyone from the amazing views. Further south is Vedella Cove, a much larger beach with more going on. Boats come here to anchor the day and the immaculate sand makes it a perfect spot for beach lovers.

Looking now at the north of the island there are equally attractive areas to be visited, and being well away from the airport there is less aircraft noise to disturb the peace too. Not that the airport isn’t neccessary; without it the millions of people who have been able to take fly to this island would never have discovered its charms. At the most northerly point of Ibiza the port of Portinatx claims to be the perfect family resort, primarily due to the choice of three safe beaches there. It’s not one of those unspoilt areas but only a short drive away you will find yourself on the slopes and valleys of the pine forests that identify this part of the island. Spectacular views are around every corner and, for those prepared to venture off the main routes and take to the tracks and footpaths, there are some hidden gems along the coastline in this part of the island. A typical location like this is the beach at Cala d’en Serra. There will be a winding rough track to navigate and some moderate inclines as you near the coast but the effort will be rewarded with a wonderful little bay, small restaurant and the perfect place to unwind and spend a day on unspoilt Ibiza.

Tourism Opportunities In Spain

August 30th, 2015

Spain’s tourism industry developed over the final years of the dictatorship of Francisco Franco. This was due to the rising popularity of summer holidays in Spain that started attracting many people to the region.

A lot of tourists started visiting from France, the British Isles, Scandinavia and central Europe. It ranked second after France in the category of most visited countries. The WTO (world tourism organization) headquarters are in Spain, Madrid to be more specific.

The national airline of Spain is Iberia but other airlines including Vueling, air Europa, air Berlin, charter airlines and click air also operate within the country making it very accessible. Most of them fly to a lot of tourist spots opening Spain all the more to the world.

There are also train services in the region with RENFE being the major operator. The AVE and Talgo offer tourists intercity services. There are a lot of freeways connecting most touristic cities making them even more accessible.

Spain is also home to national parks with the most popular one being Teide that is located on the Tenerife island. This park receives more tourists than any other in the country.

Beach tourism originated from Spain and it has proved very good for the economy as it generates the highest revenue in Spain’s economy. The climate in the beach regions which is mild throughout the year attracts a lot of people from the more cold regions.

The beaches are also very many owing to the fact that Spain is bordered by both the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas. There are also two archipelagos affiliated to Spain. These are the canary and Balearic Islands. Many beach and summer resorts have been established over the years to cater for the rising numbers of tourists visiting Spain.

There are several coasts in Spain that are suitable for vacations over summer. In the community of Catalina, there are Costa Brava, Costa del Maresme, and Costa Daurada. These coastal areas are popular and host tourist from France and inland Spain. There are also resorts here like Salou. The city of Barcelona is also located here which holds Spain’s largest harbor.

Costa de Valencia is yet another coastal area. It is a very developed area, and is popular with tourists from Germany and the United Kingdom. It is home to Benidorn which is Spain’s best summer city. Other coastal regions include Costa Clida in Murcia region as well as Costa de Almeria. The summer towns here are renowned the world over and are always a great place to be.

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Villa in Sant Josep De Sa Talaia

August 30th, 2015

Sant Josep de sa Talaia is a small village located in the west of Ibiza and is a part of the Belearic Islands. This is one of the many beautiful towns with beautiful beaches. Now you can plan your holiday with your family to experience the wilderness in the midst of the vast sea under the blue sky. It will give you a mind blowing experience with its astounding looks of the golden sandy beaches.

Villas in Sant Josep de sa Talaia: Renting villas has become very famous ever since the local tourism is on the rise. Every year, the region attracts millions of tourists who usually come to spend their vacation with their family, partner or friends. You can check for the details on the respective websites of the villas before confirming your booking. The booking is very simple and can be done through the telephone as well. The detached villa is completely private with all the tailored facilities to make you comfortable. There are 2-4 bedded rooms that you can choose as per your requirements. The dining hall cum common living room has an attached interior designing and is supplied with all the modern amenities. The living room is fitted with a flat TV which has 24 hour cable connection, telephone, video games, CD player, etc. You will love the kitchen which is equipped with all the modern amenities such as microwave, oven, dish washer, washing machine, 4 stove gas and many other essential needs. The private pool can be used to organize your own party with friends and family. Around the house, you will find the parking garage, a garden, lawn, illumination which looks marvelous in the evening and a barbecue grill. The bathroom has Jacuzzi with all modern toiletry items in it. The ground floor comprises the common living room with kitchen attached.

Sant Josep de sa Talaia is worth exploring because of its Mediterranean coastline which has many cliffs and islets. The local municipality has taken care to make sure that the tourists experience the un-touched natural scenery. Among all other Belearic Islands, Sant Josep de sa Talaia is the highest and has astounding and beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. You can also enjoy the local recreational activities around the place which are worth enjoying and keep you fit and refreshed. You will find swimming, tennis, wind surfing, sailing and many more. Welcome to San Josep de sa Talaia!

The Amazing Sant Josep De Sa Talaia Municipality

August 30th, 2015

The municipality of Sant Josep De sa Talaia is located in Ibiza and is one of the most amazing destinations in the Balearic islands. It is a municipality that has a population of over 19 thousand people. It is a municipality that is next to Sant Antoni De Portmany and Vila d’Eivissa. It was a territory that was created when the quartons were joined. Within the municipality of Sant Josep De sa Talaia, you will find some of the sights that are most emblematic in Ibiza. One of the most amazing parts includes the Salines, which is a nature park. The grassy meadows are totally amazing in this place. The Verdranell nature reserve and the Es Vedra which is a volcano are also situated in this part of Spain. The Es Vedra is a very magnetic place and among the most magnetic on the whole world.

You will also get to see the remains from the Phoenician settlement. This settlement and the nature reserve Verdranell are both great heritage sites. The highest point on Ibiza is called sa Talaiassa and is located within Sant Josep De sa Talaia. The municipality of Sant Josep De sa Talaia covers several villages which include Es Cubells, Sant Josep De sa Talaia, Sant Jordi De Ses Salines, Sant Augusti Des Verda and Sant Francesc De s’Estany.

Tourism in Sant Josep De sa Talaia is well established. There are various resorts where one can choose to have the most amazing holiday time while in this destination. There are also very popular beach regions within the municipality and they include Cala Bassa, Cala Comte and Cala d’Hort. These are some of the places that you may consider visiting while in the municipality.

The municipality of Sant Josep De sa Talaia is by far the largest on Ibiza island. The coastline and the wide beaches make it a very pleasant place to be in for a holiday of all kinds. When it comes to nature on Ibiza, you can appreciate it a lot better by visiting this municipality and viewing some of the most amazing spots that are situated at various parts.

Sant Josep is very environmentally friendly and there are also quite a number of archeological sites that are found within this destination. The previous rural settlements can also still be seen at various places all over the municipality. The people within the municipality are also very friendly as is the nature of the Spaniards. There are also many restaurants making it a place where a visitor can spend a holiday that is totally awesome on the island.