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Get the Perfect Tourism around the World

February 14th, 2016

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How Qualitative Marketing Research is changing the Tourism Industry

February 14th, 2016

The tourism industry is one of India’s most lucrative industries with multiple stakeholders that range from the government to local dhabas. This is true not just for India. Worldwide tourism remains a major industry, providing nations with millions of dollars and employment to locals. This makes the development of this industry all the more imperative.

Luckily, tourism also offers us with a set of readily available data. In fact, a number of research agencies have at one time or another worked in this sector. Their work has given the industry a major insight into consumers and the market. Here’s what you can expect from qualitative marketing research in the tourism industry.

Gauging satisfaction: Tourism relies heavily on the consumer’s experience. This makes it imperative that they are happy with the product or service you offer. Only proper qualitative research can give you a true picture of consumer satisfaction that goes beyond the usual ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Research will focus on if they will come back again, whether they will recommend your services to others. What is their level of satisfaction?

Looking for improvements: When it comes to tourism, the product is not enough. The service and the accompanying environment can be equally important. So even if you have great monuments and stunning heritage, you still need to go that extra mile. Research often focuses on not just what the travellers want, but also what they need.

For instance, research for a hotel will focus on any suggestions their boarders may have. What would have made their experience better? How will they rate the service provided? What suggestions they may have and more.

Analysing the competition: Tourism is a fiercely competitive sector where you need to not just work on your act continually, but also keep constant watch on your competitor. Studying the competition can also give us valuable clues on what we are doing wrong, and where we need to improve.

For instance, government agencies often carry out detailed qualitative marketing research on similar services in other countries. Questions will focus on what attracted travellers to the country X? Are they satisfied with the hospitality services? How do they find tourism related logistics? Have they visited the client country? What are the difference in their experience?

Finding core market: Every country has something that can be developed as its major hot spot. Similarly, hotels and restaurants also look for their markets. Qualitative marketing research can help you in developing that core market. For instance, if you are thinking of setting up a tourist oriented cab services, research will give you the profile of the usual tourist visiting your city.

Are they high-end tourists or more basic travellers? Do you get more family crowds or single adventurers? This will give you a better idea of the kind of cars you should invest in. As your business grows, your research will also become more specialised, focusing on app development, service improvement etc. In all these cases qualitative marketing research can give valuable insight on how to keep your consumers and expand your market.