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Cycling In Ibiza

March 13th, 2016

Ibiza is most famous for its clubbing scene primarily, you can party all day and night if you wish, in world famous clubs and carry on into the next day. Ibiza is also known for its beautiful coastline and Blue Flag Awarded beaches, this is just a few of the activities the Island of Ibiza has to offer.

Another side to Ibiza is the cycling tourism which over the past few years has gained popularity with many tour operators offering cycling holidays in Ibiza, and also with the help of Tourist Authorities working with the Local Government enormous strides have been made to open up a different kind of holiday and sport which is greatly supported by the locals of Ibiza.There are also high profile mountain biking competitions which are held throughout the year.

The mild climate in Ibiza lends a hand perfectly to outdoor pursuits, obviously Spring and Autumn being most comfortable for cycling as the Summer months can sometimes see the temperature soaring up to 40 Degrees!! With the popularity of cycling in Ibiza growing there are numerous companies and hire shops all over the Island catering for the demands of this sport, although if you are a very serious cyclist you may wish to bring your own, many flight companies offer to transport bikes at no extra cost.

There are over hundreds of Kilometres of clearly marked cycle tracks that criss cross the countryside of Ibiza with information boards and maps indicating routes, different levels of ability,the gradient of the route which is important, and also points of interest, such as monuments, ruins, windmills and watch towers. There are 20 well planned routes some of them traverse through the mountains, some of which take you along the rugged coastline.

Below are some examples of the three levels of cycle route although there is a lot more choice all over the Island.

The first route is an easy route offering a more leisurely pace covering about 12 kilometres starting in the Bay of San Antonio cycling along the South West coast passing some amazing coves and beaches leading on to Port Des Torrent then onto Cala Bassa with its translucent waters and finally Cala Conta which is a snorkelers paradise.

A moderate route is number 13 which covers 17 kilometre circular route taking cyclists from Sant Eularia through to the heart of the island which is a rich charming agricultural village called Santa Gertrudis which is home to one of the biggest churches on the Island dating back to 1797.

This last example is for those cyclists in good physical condition as its over a 60 kilometre trek with some extreme challenges along the way, there are a series of steep climbs and drops, taking in the villages of San Josep, Cala Jondal and Es Torrent to name a few. One of the highlights is the Torre De Savinar ‘Pirates Tower’ which is well worth the climb up to the top of the tower there are unspoilt views of Es Vedra and Es Vedranell.

Cycling in Ibiza is a great way to discover the Island and take in some breath taking scenery, so why not uncover a different side of the island for yourself.

A Tourists Travel Guide to Ibiza – The Party Isle With Lots More to Offer

March 13th, 2016

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain. For the perfect exciting island vacation, complete with all different types of beaches and plenty of nightlife, Ibiza may be the place for you. Besides using ferries from several different ports on the mainland of Spain to get to Ibiza, you can also fly into Sant Josep airport. There are several airlines that fly directly from the Spanish Peninsula and Europe.

There is plenty to do in and around Ibiza, starting with its famous nightlife. Millions of the tourists that come to Ibiza every year come for the clubbing alone. In fact Ibiza is the birthplace of the “rave”. The food on Ibiza is diverse, but naturally along the coast it is best known for its variety of wonderful fish and seafood. As you go inland you can find beef and pork dishes typical of the local towns.

The coastline of Ibiza is quite rugged and literally has dozens of beaches. Some are sandy and wide, others more private rocky coves. They all have plenty of facilities that provide refreshments and equipment for various water sports, including kayak and sailboat rentals. Ibiza’s beaches are considered to be very laid back and have been popular since the ’60s.

There is more to Ibiza than the bars and the beaches, however. The thick woods found further inland to the north offer beautiful scenery and peaceful getaways. You can find little villages in the country full of charm and surrounded by olive trees and groves of almonds. Along the coast there are plenty of walking trails. To get away from the frenetic atmosphere on Ibiza, you may want to try a day trip to the nearby tiny island of Formentera to relax on their beaches and watch the sunset.

The Marina is the historic center of Ibiza. Once inhabited by fisherman, it is now home to street artists, shops, restaurants, and bars. This is a perfect place to get a feel for the local culture and buy some local arts and crafts such as embroidery, pottery, leather goods, and jewelry. In the harbor near the marina is a monument paying tribute to the pirates of the world.