A Party Bus That Exceeded My Expectations

August 13th, 2016 by nahjul

I had heard of party buses before, but I had never been on one. That is why I wanted to look at a party bus website when some friends suggested that we get one. I knew that if we all split the cost, it would definitely be affordable, but I still wanted to make sure that we were getting something nice for the money we were paying. I was completely surprised when I went to the website of a local company that rents out party buses, because I honestly was not expecting them to be as nice as they are.

I guess I was picturing the typical bus where all the seats are forward facing. While they are nice to get a group of people from one location to another, they are not really all that great for socializing unless you just want to talk to the person sitting right next to you. When I saw the layout of the party buses, I was impressed. I knew that we would definitely have a blast on one on of them. The seats are against both walls, leaving the middle as an aisle that people can walk up and down.

The seats are extremely comfortable looking, and there is a bar that runs the length of the seats as well. The lighting and sound systems are top of the line, and it can definitely be made into a party atmosphere with just the push of a few buttons. The lighting can be a solid color, or strobe lights can be activated. There is even a television in case there is a sports game that we want to keep an eye on the score. There is nothing that indicated we would not have a lot of fun, so we went ahead and reserved one for the night we needed it. Needless to say, we are still talking about that night because it was so much fun!


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