She Treated Us to a Night on a Party Bus

August 16th, 2016 by nahjul

When my friend won a small lottery, she wanted to treat all of her family members and close friends to a night on the town. She didn’t want to give any of us the details because she wanted it to be a surprise. Without telling anyone, she had looked up information for party buses in Toronto. She found one that would hold 24 people, which is how many people were on her list. She rented the bus after making sure we all had that particular night free. She asked all of us to meet at her house, which is where the party bus picked us up.

We all knew she had won some money, but we thought it was just a small amount, maybe a few thousand. It turns out she won much more than that, and she revealed just how much once we were all on the bus. I don’t think there was one mouth in the entire party bus that hadn’t dropped open in shock. She had a fun night planned for us, and she told us that we would not have to worry about anything again. With how much she won, that was definitely true!

It was hard to focus on fun while being so shocked, but somehow we all managed. We mostly stayed in the bus and just talked about what she would do with that much money, but there was a lot of singing and dancing going on too because of the music that she had playing. We made so many toasts that I lost count, which is why she wanted the party bus in the first place. After several hours of just having fun with her, we all went back to her house. It’s a good thing we did have the party bus driver because I don’t think any of us were in any shape to drive. Now the real fun begins!


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